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Facilitated by Guy Lawrence, Petra Brzovic & Matt Omo
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Monthly Meditation Membership

You Deserve to Feel Empowered to Live an Extraordinary Life!

Merging the power of meditation, breathwork, sound science, hypnotherapy, spiritual psychology, regression work and ancient wisdom, the Live in Flow membership program will completely re-engineer your heart and mind to be more aligned with your soul purpose.  Create greater possibility and opportunity to experience more love, respect and inner-harmony in your life.

Together in the community we create a synergy to uplift and inspire each other through accountability and regular easy to do practices. 
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Alja Hopkins | Senior Psychotherapist, Clinical Social Worker & Supervisor, EFT Practitioner & HeartMath Mentor
"The gift of Guy and Petra and Matt's work and all they can do is just out of this world amazing, and it's really hard to find words to describe it. For me, I guess the biggest thing that I feel is that I have been able to drop a lot of self-doubt and self-denial of good things coming to me and I think it just got me even closer to the truth and kept the faith going that this is where I'm going and that I can also create a ripple in my world and continue this work, continue healing and just be more who I am."

You Are Not Alone
A Program Designed To Create True Connection
At Live in Flow we know the only true change in our lives happens from the inside out.

So, wouldn't it be a good idea to have a solid inner practice allowing you to start to drive change from the safety within, instead of reacting to the unstable, unpredictable threats of the world around you?

Wherever you are in the world and whatever challenges you are facing we understand it can often feel lonely, hopeless and like there is no way out. We want you to know that you are not alone!

We know from doing this work and supporting the community of people that have joined us over the years, there is a way through.

Introducing the Online
Monthly Meditation Membership
Discover Your Authentic Self... Live Your Authentic Life.
It's no mystery about the powerful benefits of having a regular practise.If you create a bit of 'YOU' time in your week, and combine the powerful tools and knowledge that we teach, you will learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible. The ripple effect from this to you and your loved ones is priceless.
This Membership is Perfect For You If...
  • You are new to meditation & you want to reap the benefits fast
  • You have experience with meditation but want to reignite your practice
  • You lack energy and are unmotivated in life
  • You feel disconnected from yourself & you want to reclaim your power
  • You want to develop the courage to action your dreams
  • You suffer from anxiety, insomnia or fear
Here's What You'll Get When You Join The LIVE IN FLOW Online Community:
 Live Streaming Global Meditations
Although meditation is an inner exploration,  science has proved there is a synergy of energy that builds when we meditate in groups.  Through the advances of technology, we can multiply the effects of meditation in the privacy of our own home by coming together in a live streaming experience.

 Access To Entire Meditation Library
With hours of meditations from basic level to advanced, facilitated by Petra, Guy and Matt with over 50 years of experience between the three of them you will gain access to innovative and fresh processes 24/7.  And the library continues to grow as the live sessions are recorded.  Guaranteed to uplift and expand your daily practice. 

 Interactive Community Forum
Beyond your meditation practice, the most invaluable resource of the live in flow membership is having access to a community of like-minded people to share your journey with and support each other to stay accountable. You don't have to do this alone!  

 Free Video Resources
Including never released 'Theme Of The Month' content, Q&A's, tools, techniques, webinars for a more in-depth experience.
Simon | Live In Flow Community Member
"With the leadership, teachings and compassionate support of Guy, Petra, and Matt I have discovered more of my true self. It has, is, and will continue to be a wonderful journey that I will be forever grateful for embarking on. If you have any inclination to do this work and create a regular practise, know that I and the rest of the Live in Flow family will welcome you with love." 
It's time to take command of your life.
At the basis of all of our work is training in boosting emotional intelligence along with boosting self- reliance not to mention a bit of empowerment and self-love. 

We want to give you simple tools and concepts to take command of your emotional life and ultimately break free from them.

So let's dive in. Why not start now to build a solid emotionally balanced footing with ourselves of which our hopes, dreams and desires can be held.

How good would it feel to be in command of how we feel in our lives and have the freedom to choose joy over despair, bliss over sorrow and love over pain?
Bringing You A Live Meditation Each Month
Note: All Sessions Are Recorded
(times may vary throughout the year)
Join The Monthly Meditation Membership. 

Complete Access For Your First 14 Days For Just $1

Then only $18 AUD A Month.
What's included:

✨ 1 Live meditations per month (also recorded and added to Meditation library)

✨ Access to the entire Live In Flow Meditation Library Via Our App (approx 100 individual meditations!)
✨ Exclusive Community Forum to stay connected and supported
✨ Free Resources including tools, techniques, webinars and more for a more in-depth experience 
✨ No lock in contract, cancel anytime.

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*GST or the relevant tax for your location will be added

It's like having a gym membership for my soul! | Fleur
"I love being part of the Live In Flow membership because it keeps me accountable with my practices, especially when life gets busy or throws me curveballs. It's a place for me to connect with an incredible community of like minded people, where I continue to learn and grow and put those new skills into practice. The live meditations are amazing and I look forward to them every single week... It's like having a gym membership for my soul!" 

What happens if I want to cancel?
If you don't feel that the Live In Flow monthly membership is for you, simply contact the support team and easily cancel your trial subscription.

You will be able to use the membership until your next billing cycle, then you will lose access to the live meditations, the entire meditation library and the bonus trainings and you won't be charged again.
I'm not tech savvy. Will this be a problem?
With the current global circumstances, it's only natural that more of this work is moving online. We have invested heavily in what we feel is some of the best technology out there to make your experience as smooth and simple as possible so you can focus on what matters the most, which is the we provide.
I'm a private person & joining an online meditation via Zoom can feel intimidating.
Yep, if you are new to this we understand that it can feel a little daunting. Zoom is wonderful technology, and when everyone logs on, your camera and microphone will be off (with the option of turning your camera on). So you will still be able to enjoy the group energy from the comfort of your own home without feeling like your under the spotlight :)