4 Week Meditation, Breathwork & Sound Healing Program

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Learn how to release trauma, banish limiting beliefs and live with clarity and confidence.

...even if you've read all the books and listened to all the podcasts.

...even if you've spent years in conventional therapy.

The work we do in the ReConnected Program - a combination of meditation, hypnotherapy and sound healing - allows us to access our superconscious. It's here we can begin to rewire our neural pathways and reprogram our subconscious.

That's when the true healing begins.
What am I doing wrong in my life?

Are you tired of life pushing you around and stressing you out?

Living from the conscious mind we are functioning on dated technology from years of use and abuse.

Learn to overcome the limitations of your mind to take command of your life.

Why aren't things changing?

Do you feel restricted, unfulfilled and disconnect?

Living from the subconscious mind we get to the source code of our limited technology where we can streamline it's performance.

Learn to Live an Empowered, Purposeful, Connected & Free Life

How can I create the life that I dream?

Do you feel lost, like you don't have the map to truly change things?

Living from the superconscious mind we transcend the limits of the mind, connect to infinite potential and unlimited upgrades.

Learn Practical tools to Unlocking an extraordinary life.

Learn How Sharon ReConnected & Overcame 25 Years Of Back Pain >>>
"When I was 21, I was doing a full time dance course 'cause I was going to be a dancer. I think I got through about three quarters of it and I couldn't continue because I had the issue with my left lower back, like the sacrum joint there. And I couldn't dance. Like I would try and I would, and I couldn't keep doing the course. And the physio at the time said, "you've got a sixty year old woman's back"
This work, WORKS:
"I also wanted to acknowledge the power and brilliance of your Flower of Flow process. I am using it as a full process when coming up against triggers or deep emotions and finding it more powerful than so many processes I have tried in the past. The awareness and acceptance petals especially are pure gold and where the revelations lie that are flowing on to very clear intention and action for me." - Glenda
Introducing The Flower Of Flow
The 4-Pillars
At the base of this flower are the 4-Pillars. These are the foundations, or the 'what' you need to develop in order improve your life.

This in essence becomes the foundation for you to build upon. It is at the core of creating a life in flow. These pillars work together to establish this foundation of flow. If one area is weak the others will suffer as well. It's also important to note they tend to work in a clockwise manner. Starting with awareness and building acceptance, to intention and lastly taking inspired action.
Each Week, We Will Be building Upon The 4 Pillars:
Week 1 - Awareness
Often our life is on auto-pilot. We deny and numb ourselves to our thoughts and behaviours creating a life that feels out of control and unstable. As we bring awareness to our thoughts, feelings, perceptions, choices and actions we take, we start to gain command of our life again. In this pillar we will open into a deeper inner awareness.
Week 2 - Acceptance
All suffering stems from our attachment and judgment of what we are experiencing. In this attachment we create a resistance to the flow of life that wants to move through us. In this pillar we explore how to let go, live in flow and create more inner-peace.
Week 3 - Intention
Without focus, direction and purpose we can find ourselves moving aimlessly through life. This ultimately creates a feeling of being unfulfilled and makes life feel meaningless. Through this pillar we look at techniques to infuse our life with authentic intention, creating more meaning and purpose in our self and relation to others. Learn how to let your heart be your compass.
Week 4 - Inspired Action
Vision without action is a daydream, action without vision is a nightmare. In this pillar we bring awareness, acceptance and intention together to move forward in our lives through inspired action.
Something To Consider...
This program is not a quick fix... though we 100% believe that you will make significant shifts in your life in as little as 4 weeks if you follow the processes laid out each week. These shifts could potentially open a whole new range of possibilities for you moving forward that could literally be life-changing.

... but there's one caveat... YOU have to do the work. We can't do it for you. Though we can certainly guide you and give you a road map. Would you rather spend years trying to find your way there or have someone who has spent half a life time mapping out the terrain for you, and can give you a proven path to follow?

You see, knowledge is not enough. We live in a world where information can be reached instantaneously, yet look at the conflict that's going on globally, the amount of pharmaceuticals consumed, suicide rates, depression and anxiety. This may or may not be you. But if you are reading this right now, there's a good chance that within you there's a deep yearning for more, and you might not even be able to put words to it. Something feels disconnected.

Our modern lifestyles have conditioned us to look outside of ourselves to fulfil an internal need. The truth is, no amount of social media, shopping, pay rises, Netflix, comfort foods or drinks will fix it. Whilst there's nothing wrong with these things, if they are keeping you distracted from the yearning within you that's getting louder and louder, maybe it's time to start listening to that yearning. Maybe it's time to ReConnect with who you really are.
Don't Let These Road Block Get In The Way...
One of the most common barriers we have found for people is this... and its not that they don't believe that this work works, or they don't believe we can't help them... it's actually that somewhere in their unconscious programming they don't believe in themselves. Think about that for a moment. It's a pretty powerful realisation.

The amazing thing about this work, is that it actually leans in to that unconscious programming and starts to re-wire it. So we end up creating a momentum from actually doing the work and then success becomes more likely. How cool is that?

But the key is, you got to start. You need to embody it. Just like riding a bike, you can't learn much from a book, you have to actually get on the bike and get a feel for it. If you are willing to just get on that bike so to speak, we promise you the results will follow.
Past Participants Who Have Worked With Guy, Petra & Matt...
"Men Owe It To Themselves To Try This Work"...
"I Dropped A Lot Of Self-Doubt & Became More Of Who I Am"...
"I Reconnected To Myself & It Feels Like A Complete Upgrade"...
Here's How This 4 Week Program Can Transform Your Life
Simplify The Process & Take The Guess Work Out
  • Gain clarity of where you want to go and ignite an inner fire to get there
  • Gain greater satisfaction in life daily
  • Learn simple techniques and tools on how you can make the best of current situation
  • Learn what obstacles are holding you stuck and how to move through them
  • Learn how to cope with stress and stand strong in the face of any challenge in our lives
  • Learn how to move forward through fear and anxiety, and create deeper states of joy, love and happiness
  • Lower rate of depression and low mood states
  • Boost Immunity & wellbeing
  • Become empowered & build emotional balance
Here's What You Will Receive 
  • 4 Lesson Modules with Guy, Petra & Matt
  • 4 Bonus Q&A's with Guy, Petra & Matt That Support The Lesson Modules
  • 4 Streamable Mp3 Meditations
  • Dedicated App Access To Everything On Your Phone
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$347 AUD
(€223 Approximately)
Single Payment
100% Money Back Guarantee During Your First Week
When you join our program, you are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't feel like you've received value and you decide you want to cancel any time within the first week of the four week program, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund. No hassles, headaches or hoops to jump through.
Frequently Asked Questions:
How much time each week do I need to commit to the program?
We appreciate people are busy, and the last thing we want to do is overwhelm you. We ask that you allow on average 10-20 minutes per day for the meditation practises, and 20-30 minutes per day learning the content.
What does Lifetime access mean?
You will have access to this course for as long as your course portal remains active and the course exists. You will have guaranteed access for a minimum of 12 months.
Is this for beginners or advanced?
It doesn't matter where you are at with this work as everyone who does the work will benefit over the long-term. All people with all abilities are welcome :)
Do I need to attend the bonus live meditations?
We certainly encourage it, but it's not a necessity.
How do I know if I'm ready for this?
If you have an itch inside of you that you struggle to scratch, or a yearning for more that you can't quite put your finger on... then you're ready ;) If all you did was say 'I'm gonna give it my best and see what happens', I'd be really surprised if you weren't better off mentally, emotionally and physically than you are right now.
Why is the program so cheap?
We appreciate the current circumstances, and did not want to make finances a barrier.  The price of this program will be increasing the next time we release it.
Guy Lawrence
In 2010 Guy co-founded health & wellness company 180 Nutrition. He has spent the last 15 years turning over every stone within the health industry to find out what actually truly makes us happy, healthy and strong and live a fulfilled life.
At the beginning of 2018, Guy stepped down from 180 Nutrition to follow his heart & Live In Flow was born.
Petra Brzovic
Petra is a certified transpersonal and clinical hypnotherapist, regression and Past life regression therapist, Life between Lives therapist, yoga teacher and aromatherapist.
Petra has been working on the latest Body & mind medicine discoveries. With an international team of scientists she is running a research on brain, mind, body and soul connection, consciousness and healing.As Master Trainer and Instructor Petra is training and teaching therapists around the world, helping them learn how to help others heal.
Matt Omo
Matt is a leader of the sound healing movement in Australia with over 15 years experience working with a variety of sound healing techniques bridging cultures and traditions from around the world. The work and awareness around sound healing and its benefits are growing every day. Matt is developing new programs and products to meet this need and continue to support people in discovering the benefits of the healing power of sound.
"If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together"
- African Proverb