FREE Webinar:
 20th August 2020
 8pm AEST | 12pm CET
What if your mind is like a computer limited by its technology; yet it has a wifi portal to connect to an unlimited supercomputer with infinite upgrades? 

Would you connect OR run your life on dated technology? 

Join us as we show you how to reconnect! 

What am I doing wrong in my life?
Are you tired of life pushing you around and stressing you out? 

Living from the conscious mind we are functioning on dated technology from years of use and abuse. 

Learn to overcome the limitations of your mind to take command of your life. 

Why aren't things changing?
Do you feel restricted, unfulfilled and disconnect?

Living from the subconscious mind we get to the source code of our limited technology where we can streamline it's performance. 

Learn to Live an Empowered, Purposeful, Connected & Free Life

How can I create the life that I dream?
Do you feel lost, like you don't have the map to truly change things?

Living from the superconscious mind we transcend the limits of the mind, connect to infinite potential and unlimited upgrades. 

Learn Practical tools to Unlocking an extraordinary life.
Meet Your Hosts
From left to right, meet Guy, Petra and Matt. Collectively they have over 30 years experience in facilitating and delivering this transformational work.

Each of their unique talents are blended together to bring you a rare opportunity to experience the full force of this trio.
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Guy Lawrence
In 2010 Guy co-founded health & wellness company 180 Nutrition. He has spent the last 15 years turning over every stone within the health industry to find out what actually truly makes us happy, healthy and strong and live a fulfilled life.

At the beginning of 2018, Guy stepped down from 180 Nutrition to follow his heart & Live In Flow was born.

Petra Brzovic

Petra is a certified transpersonal and clinical hypnotherapist, regression and Past life regression therapist, Life between Lives therapist, yoga teacher and aromatherapist.
Petra has been working on the latest Body & mind medicine discoveries. With an international team of scientists she is running a research on brain, mind, body and soul connection, consciousness and healing.As Master Trainer and Instructor Petra is training and teaching therapists around the world, helping them learn how to help others heal.

Matt Omo

Matt is a leader of the sound healing movement in Australia with over 15 years experience working with a variety of sound healing techniques bridging cultures and traditions from around the world. The work and awareness around sound healing and its benefits are growing every day. Matt is developing new programs and products to meet this need and continue to support people in discovering the benefits of the healing power of sound.

"Working with you guys has been completely life changing. I discovered things about myself that I didn't know were still holding me back... I am sooooo grateful to have met Matt Omo Petra Brzovic and Guy Lawrence and all the beautiful souls at the retreat. look forward to doing it all again!"
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