Introducing The Live In Flow Group Coaching Program...
A Supportive, Safe Place To Help Guide & Inspire You To Greater Depths Of Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Growth, Freedom & Above All...Happiness.
Breakthrough Your Limitations.
Become Empowered.
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Step One: Who Is This Coaching Program For?
Is this you? You have spent the last few years trying to focus on who you really are... or want to be. You've been exploring many different avenues. Maybe some yoga or retreat, improving your nutrition and even dabbled in some 'alternative' energy medicines along with a bit of meditation. Yet, there's still an 'uneasy feeling of dissatisfaction in many areas of your life. Even though you've done a lot with your life, you still feel like something is missing; something deeper beyond words. Loneliness can creep in no one really sees you or hears your truth. So you squash those feelings down but they don't go away.

If this resonates with you at some level, and you are truly ready to take action, then this program is for you. 

Unlike any other group coaching program. This is a fully interactive experience for those that want to: Stay Accountable. Stay Committed. Stay Connected. Stay Inspired. And most importantly BECOME EMPOWERED.

The group coaching program is designed for you to be able to embody change at a steady, manageable pace. It helps you identify, and keep you on target to the desired changes within your life, develop a practise, and a deep understanding of this work that sets you up for the rest of your life.

This Is A Non-Judgemental Safe Place To Help Guide & Inspire You To Greater Depths Of Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Growth, Freedom & Above All...Happiness. Creating Long-Lasting Change From The Inside Out.
How Does The Group Coaching Work?
First we help identify where are you at in your life, which area you want to work on first (relationships, health, career etc), and what it would look like when you have acheived the desired outcome.

Once this is achieved, we will then suggest one of the following programs to work through online to fast track your progress:

Map Your Energetical Core (8 weeks) - Petra Brzovic
Unlock Your Nervous System With Sound (7 weeks) - Matt Omo
Develop The Courage To Let It In (4 weeks) - Guy Lawrence
Be ReConnected (4 weeks) - Petra, Matt & Guy
To keep you on track, and to deepen your understanding of the work, once a fortnight we hold a 90 minute interactive group coaching calls. This is where the rubber meets the road. We tailor each call to what is coming for the group as a whole, and also move through what is getting in the way.

You will literally have the power of the group energy at your finger tips, all from the comfort of your own home. The intimate community support is priceless and is a key component in your success.

Once a fortnight (alternative weeks to the interactive group coaching) we also hold different live processes that include different meditations, sound and breath work, healing intention circles and reprogramming the subconscious.

And we also offer 30-minute check-in zoom calls, every other month to work specifically one-on-one with you and your own personal journey.

Step Two: Book In A Discovery Call
If you feel ready to take this work to the next level and inspire you to greater depths of mental, emotional and spiritual growth, freedom and above all, happiness... Schedule a 15-minute call with us to see if this is the right fit for each other...
If you are seeing this page, that means we are currently taking on new applications. We only take on a limited amount of applications each month. Book your no obligation discovery call today not to miss out on this unique opportunity. 
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I just knew I had to continue this work!
"I grew so much while working my way through the pilot Live in Flow Resilience course. It put me back in touch with a part of me I had forgotten existed. I just knew I had to continue this work! I realised, that the Live in Flow community - that I now consider family - is such a very safe and supportive environment to share vulnerabilities and grow and learn in.

With the leadership, teachings and compassionate support of Guy, Petra, and Matt I have discovered more of my true self. It has, is, and will continue to be a wonderful journey that I will be forever grateful for embarking on. If you have any inclination to learn/grow/continue with this work, know that I and the rest of the Live in Flow family will welcome you with love." - Simon