Live In Flow Presents
Live From The Retreat
Heart Opening Meditation
⏰ Fri 20th May 2022, 07.15am - 08.15am (Sydney time)
⏰ Thur 19th May 2022, 11.15pm - 12.15am (Zagreb time)
Facilitated by Guy Lawrence
Streaming Live from the beautiful Gymea Retreat 
We invite you to join us, even if you can't make it to the retreat!

Allow this heart-opening meditation to re-balance your state of being, lower stress, release anxiety and support you in reconnecting with your whole self.

Join Guy - and all of the retreat participants - as he brings this heart-opening work to the comfort of your home.

Let go of anxiety and ultimately embrace an inner peace in this powerful meditation.

This event will be LIVE, with Guy personally guiding you through a powerful meditation journey

** Spaces are limited to maintain a personal experience ***

Guy is not just another "meditation guru" - a combination of significant business and personal training success led Guy to really learn what it means to "follow your heart", and he has gone on to impact the lives of millions via his podcast and teaching.

Guy's skill will help you demystify meditation and create transformation from the inside out. 

This is a powerful and transformative experience

If you are looking for a way to start - or build on - your meditation journey, allow us to hold the space with you. 
 An Immersive Experience From Your Living Room
Guy uses meditation and the principles of neuroscience to help people bridge the gap between the life they live and the life they truly want to live.

Guy also hosts the 'The Guy Lawrence Podcast' which includes conversations with pioneering experts such as Bruce Lipton, John Demartini, Wim Hof, Paul Chek, Gregg Braden, Anita Moorjani amongst many others.

When not on tour with his workshops or retreats, he resides in Byron Bay, Australia with his wife Lynda. Self-confessed 'people person', Guys warm approach and relatability welcomes new-comers to meditation and the neuroscience behind its benefits.

Some notable achievements include spending five days at a blind-study meditation retreat and generating the same amount of electricity in his body than an electric eel; spending five days with Wim Hof (The Ice Man) exploring cold-exposure, breathwork and meditation to explore and master the human mind and body response; and had his brain measured by neuroscientists that showed he produced the same brain wave states of a Buddhist monk of 40 years.

The heart-opening meditation that Guy will lead you through will connect where you are now to where you want to be.

The total value of each one of these sessions is over $95

This ONLINE Session Is Perfect For You If...
  • You are new to meditation & you want to reap the benefits fast
  • You have experience with meditation but want to reignite your practice
  • You lack energy and are unmotivated in life
  • You feel disconnected from yourself & you want to reclaim your power
  • You want to develop the courage to action your dreams
  • You suffer from anxiety, insomnia or fear
 When & Where:
Fri 20th May 2022, 07.15am - 08.15am (Sydney time)
Thur 19th May 2022, 11.15pm - 12.15am (Zagreb time)
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